The ninth International Serpent User Group Meeting was hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA, USA, October 14-19, 2019. The meeting brought together 37 Serpent users from 18 Organizations in 5 countries around the world.

The Serpent developer team wants to thank all participants for interesting presentations and discussion, and Georgia Tech for organizing and hosting the event.

Presentations - Day 1

• Jaakko Leppδnen (VTT) - Greetings from the Serpent Developer Team

Presentations - Day 2

• Jaakko Leppδnen (VTT) - Current status and recent development of Serpent 2
• Ville Valtavirta (VTT) - Kraken - VTT’s upcoming Serpent based reactoranalysis framework
• Riku Tuominen (VTT) - Effect of energy deposition modelling in coupled steady state Monte Carlo neutronics/thermal hydraulics calculations
• Manuel Garcνa (KIT) - A Collision-based Domain Decomposition scheme for Serpent 2
• Alex Valentine (UKAEA) - UKAEA benchmarking of Serpent 2 Monte-Carlo code for fusion applications
• Danila Roubtsov (CNL) - SERPENT2 at CNL: nuclear data libraries, coupled (n,gamma) transport, and more
• Alexander Wheeler (UTK) - Documenting and demystifying online processing features of Serpent
• Coral Kazaroff (GT) - Economic benefits of higher enriched assays for 24-month cycle length
• Nader Satvat (Kairos Power) - Kairos Power Advanced FHR Simulator with Burnup and Pebble Circulation
• Naiki Kaffezakis (GT) - Computational design of an Ultra-Small Modular Reactor based on coupled Serpent sequences

Presentations - Day 3

• Marton Szogradi (VTT) - SFR calculations with Serpent and Ants
• Emil Fridman (HZDR) - SA/UQ of Critical VENUS-F Cores with Serpent
• Andrew Johnson (GT) - Reduced-order flux predictions for depletion
• Stefano Terlizzi (GT) - Prediction of T/H dependent Macroscopic cross-section for Coupled T/H
• Bojan Petrovic (GT) - FHR/AHTR NEA Benchmark
• Matthew Krecicki (GT) - Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Engine Design using Serpent

Presentations - Day 4

• Emil Fridman (HZDR) - Modeling of the FFTF isothermal physics tests with Serpent and DYN3D
• Reed Herner (GT/ CSNR) - Optimization of Pu-238 Production in the Advanced Test Reactor
• Adam Rau (Penn State University) - Applications of Serpent's Fission Matrix Capability
• Paul Cosgrove (University of Cambridge) - Simple, stable Monte Carlo and depletion
• Jim Wang (GT) - CFD Analysis of NTP with Open-Foam
• Vitor Silva (CDTN/CNEN) - The use of Serpent at LTHN/CDTN
• Jaakko Leppδnen (VTT) - KΔRΔHDE Spent fuel characterization and source term

Related material

• Final meeting program

Participating organizations

•Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)
•Georgia Institute of Technology
•Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), Germany
•Idaho National Laboratory
•Kairos Power, USA
•Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
•Nuclear Technology Development Center (CDTN/CNEN), Brazil
•Oak Ridge National Laboratory
•Penn State University
•Sandia National Laboratories
•Texas A&M University
•Teollisuuden Voima (TVO), Finland
•United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)
•University of Cambridge, UK
•University of Tennessee, Knoxville
•Virginia Commonwealth University
•VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

All presentations in a single zip-compressed file (65M)