The seventh International Serpent User Group Meeting was hosted by the the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, USA, on November 6-9, 2017. The meeting brought together some 30 Serpent users from 14 Organizations in 9 countries around the world.

The Serpent developer team wants to thank all participants for interesting presentations and discussion, and University of Florida for organizing and hosting the event.

Presentations - Day 1

•Jaakko Leppδnen (VTT) - Greetings from the Serpent developer team

Presentations - Day 2

•Jaakko Leppδnen (VTT) - Current status and future plans for Serpent 2
•Toni Kaltiaisenaho (VTT) - Recent development in Serpent photon transport mode
•Jaakko Leppδnen (VTT) - Fun stuff with the built-in response matrix solver
•Stefano Terlizzi (Georgia Tech.) - Non-ideal convergence of fission matrix fundamental eigen-pair in Monte Carlo calculations
•Mikolaj Kowalski (University of Cambridge) - Investigating Variable Fidelity Monte Carlo with Serpent Fixed Source Mode
•Andrew Johnson (Georgia Tech.) - Full Core Power and Isotopic Oscillations with Various Depletion Schemes
•Riku Tuominen (VTT) - Modelling SEALER with Serpent and OpenFOAM
•Dan Kotlyar (Georgia Tech.) - Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Engine: Low-enriched Cermet-based Fuel
•Emil Fridman (HZDR) - Modeling of Phenix EOL experiments with Serpent-DYN3D
•Sourena Golesorkhi (CNL) - Application of Serpent to Reactor Physics Modelling Problems at CNL
•Nicholas Smith (Southern Company Services) - Overview of MSR projects

Presentations - Day 3

•Ville Valtavirta (VTT) - Implementing history based GPT capabilities to the official Serpent 2 Monte Carlo code
•Paul Cosgrove (University of Cambridge) - Perturbation-based coupling of Monte Carlo and Burn-up for multiple burnable regions
•Una Davies (University of Cambridge) - Una Davies (University of Cambridge) - Uncertainty & Sensitivity Analyses of Th-MOX Fuels in ABWRs
•Daniel Siefman (EPFL) - Investigating Effects of Sensitivity Uncertainties
•Dirceu da Cruz (NRG) - Uncertainty due to nuclear data for an MTR fuel assembly
•Emil Fridman (HZDR) - Nuclear data uncertainty quantification for the FREYA fast critical experiments
•Ville Valtavirta (VTT) - Coupled calculations with Serpent 2.1.29
•Kyle Ramey (Georgia Tech.) - Numerical Artifacts in Doppler Broadening Near Reference Temperatures
•Ondrej Chvala (University of Tennessee) - Fuel cycle of DMSR with salt recycle - the first look
•Andrew Johnson (Georgia Tech.) - Serpent-Tools - a Python Package for Interacting with Serpent Outputs

Presentations - Day 4

•Riku Tuominen (VTT) - Status of the Serpent criticality safety validation package
•Frederick Gleicher (INL) - Idaho National Laboratory Reactor Analysis Applications of the Serpent Lattice Physics Code
•Emil Fridman (HZDR) - Future applications of Serpent in the Euratom project ESFR-SMART
•Emil Fridman (HZDR) - Serpent-DYN3D solution of X2 benchmark: fresh core at HZP

Related material

• Final meeting program

Participating organizations

•Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)
•Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN), Brazil
•Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
•Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
•Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), Germany
•Idaho National Laboratory, USA
•Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG), Netherlands
•RWTH University/Research Centre Juelich, Germany
•Southern Company Services, USA
•Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Korea
•University of Florida, USA
•University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
•University of Cambridge, UK
•VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Ltd.

All presentations in a single zip-compressed file (49M)