Pre-defined energy group structures

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The following pre-defined energy group structures are available to be used with the ene card. The group boundaries are listed in in the order of increasing lethargy.

All energy group structures listed here have also extended versions where the names have a suffix of _ext, for example nj19_ext. These energy group structures have upper and lower bounds of infinity and zero, respectively. When using these energy group structures, for example the group constants are tallied with all energies also used during the Serpent simulations.

Name Name (extended) Groups Description
default2 default2_ext 2 Default 2-group structure
defaultmg defaultmg_ext 70 Default multi-group structure
nj2 nj2_ext 240 CSEWG 239 group structure
nj3 nj3_ext 30 LANL 30 group structure
nj4 nj4_ext 27 ANL 27 group structure
nj5 nj5_ext 50 RRD 50 group structure
nj8 nj8_ext 35 Laser-thermos 35 group structure
nj9 nj9_ext 69 EPRI-CPM 69 group structure
nj11 nj11_ext 70 LANL 70 group structure
nj14 nj14_ext 100 Eurlib 100-group structure
nj16 nj16_ext 174 Vitamin-e 174-group structure
nj17 nj17_ext 175 Vitamin-j 175-group structure
nj18 nj18_ext 172 XMAS 172-group structure
nj19 nj19_ext 33 ECCO 33-group structure
nj20 nj20_ext 1968 ECCO 1968-group structure
nj21 nj21_ext 315 Tripoli 315-group structure
nj22 nj22_ext 172 XMAS LWPC 172-group structure
nj23 nj23_ext 175 VIT-J LWPC 175-group structure
wms69 wms69_ext 69 WIMS 69-group structure
wms172 wms172_ext 172 WIMS 172-group structure
cas70 cas70_ext 70 CASMO 70-group structure
cas40 cas40_ext 40 CASMO 40-group structure
cas25 cas25_ext 25 CASMO 25-group structure
cas23 cas23_ext 23 CASMO 23-group structure
cas18 cas18_ext 18 CASMO 18-group structure
cas16 cas16_ext 16 CASMO 16-group structure
cas14 cas14_ext 14 CASMO 14-group structure
cas12 cas12_ext 12 CASMO 12-group structure
cas9 cas9_ext 9 CASMO 9-group structure
cas8 cas8_ext 8 CASMO 8-group structure
cas7 cas7_ext 7 CASMO 7-group structure
cas4 cas4_ext 4 CASMO 4-group structure
cas3 cas3_ext 3 CASMO 3-group structure
cas2 cas2_ext 2 CASMO 2-group structure
mupo43 mupo43_ext 43 MUPO 43-group structure
scale44 scale44_ext 44 SCALE 44-group structure
scale56 scale56_ext 56 SCALE 56-group structure
scale238 scale238_ext 238 SCALE 238-group structure
scale252 scale252_ext 252 SCALE 252-group structure