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Welcome to Serpent Wiki. This platform, set up in November 2015, serves as the on-line user Manual for Serpent 2, as well as a repository for input files, validation reports and other resources for Serpent users. A more general description of the code is found at the project website. This Wiki covers the features and capabilities of the most recent version of Serpent 2. The content is still very far from complete, and additional information can be found from the Serpent 1 Manual and the discussion forum

These pages are editable, and all users are encouraged to contribute. Note, however, that the discussion should be limited to the content of this wiki, and all technical topics related to Serpent should be addressed at the separate discussion forum.

For general reference to Serpent, use:

J. Leppänen, M. Pusa, T. Viitanen, V. Valtavirta, and T. Kaltiaisenaho. "The Serpent Monte Carlo code: Status, development and applications in 2013." Ann. Nucl. Energy, 82 (2015) 142-150.

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