Collection of example input files

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Simple examples

Description Files Notes
2D BWR fuel assembly geometry Serpent input file Demonstrates basic features for geometry, material and detector definitions
2D CANDU fuel bundle geometry Serpent input file Demonstrates the circular array structure

Special running modes, etc.

Description Files Notes
Pu-flattop and STACY critical experiments (PU-MET-FAST-006 and LEU-SOL-THERM-007) from the ICSBEP Handbook[1] Serpent and MCNP input files Used for demonstarting the dynamic simulation mode introduced at the M&C 2013 conference[2]


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  2. ^ Leppänen, J. "Development of a dynamic simulation mode in the Serpent 2 Monte Carlo code." In proc. M&C 2013, Sun Valley, ID, May 5-9, 2013.