Rotating Translating STL Bunny

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This example demonstrates the use of time-dependent transformations in the context of STL-objects. Time dependent transformations are also applicable to other Serpent objects.




NOTE: Since the delayed neutron precursors are not rotated and/or translated alongside with the geometry, some of them will fall outside of the bunny during some parts of the simulation and be emitted from the void-part of the geometry instead. This will lead to a number of warning messages such as

***** Tue Jun 20 14:58:13 2017 (seed = 1497959831)
Warning message from function SamplePointDelnu:

Precursor is not in material?

 x = -2.443193E+00, y = -4.201429E+00, z = 9.463751E+00
 Cell name 4


From the 180 plots rendered for each of the three plotting planes the following animation can be compiled:

Resulting movement of the bunny. Compiled from 180 individual frames plotted during the simulation time-intervals.


  • The transformations are updated at time-interval boundaries, which means that the geometry is static for each time-interval.
  • The positions of neutrons and precursors are not updated as the transformations are updated.