Pre-defined energy group structures

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The following pre-defined energy group structures are available to be used with the ene card. The group boundaries are listed in input file processuseregrids.c.

Name Groups Description
default2 2 Default 2-group structure
defaultmg 70 Default multi-group structure
nj2 240 CSEWG 239 group structure
nj3 30 LANL 30 group structure
nj4 27 ANL 27 group structure
nj5 50 RRD 50 group structure
nj8 35 Laser-thermos 35 group structure
nj9 69 EPRI-CPM 69 group structure
nj11 70 LANL 70 group structure
nj14 100 Eurlib 100-group structure
nj16 174 Vitamin-e 174-group structure
nj17 175 Vitamin-j 175-group structure
nj18 172 XMAS 172-group structure
nj19 33 ECCO 33-group structure
nj20 1968 ECCO 1968-group structure
nj21 315 Tripoli 315-group structure
nj22 172 XMAS LWPC 172-group structure
nj23 175 VIT-J LWPC 175-group structure
wms69 69 WIMS 69-group structure
wms172 172 WIMS 172-group structure
cas70 70 CASMO 70-group structure
cas40 40 CASMO 40-group structure
cas25 25 CASMO 25-group structure
cas23 23 CASMO 23-group structure
cas18 18 CASMO 18-group structure
cas16 16 CASMO 16-group structure
cas14 14 CASMO 14-group structure
cas12 12 CASMO 12-group structure
cas9 9 CASMO 9-group structure
cas8 8 CASMO 8-group structure
cas7 7 CASMO 7-group structure
cas4 4 CASMO 4-group structure
cas3 3 CASMO 3-group structure
cas2 2 CASMO 2-group structure
mupo43 43 MUPO 43-group structure
scale44 44 SCALE 44-group structure
scale238 238 SCALE 238-group structure