Minimal Serpent Coupling Script

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The Minimal Serpent Coupling Script (MSCS) is a short (< 300 lines with comments) Python program intended to give a minimal working example of a wrapper program that can communicate with Serpent in the coupled calculation mode. MSCS provides a working example of externally coupled multi-physics simulations with Serpent and may be a good starting point for the users that are interested in running such simulations with Serpent.



MSCS has been tested with Python 2.7.6 and Serpent 2.1.26.

  1. Extract the MSCS zip to a suitable folder preserving the internal directory structure of the package.
  2. Replace the absolute path to the Serpent executable on line 16 of
  3. The test case is now ready to run.


Note: Before running the MSCS you should familiarize yourself with finding and killing background processes in your operating system. Since MSCS runs Serpent as a background process, killing MSCS will not kill the Serpent process automatically.

Run the simulation from the testcase-folder using the command python ../

The output of the Serpent run will be printed to the terminal.