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(Sub-critical variant, MCNP input)
(MCNP input)
Line 9: Line 9:
2 so 24.142
2 so 24.142
m1 94239.03c 0.036697
m1 94239.03c 0.0366970000
   94240.03c 0.0018700
   94240.03c 0.0018700000
   94241.03c 0.00011639
   94241.03c 0.0001163900
   31000.03c 0.0014755
   31000.03c 0.0014755000
m2 92234.03c 0.0000026438  
m2 92234.03c 0.0000026438  
   92235.03c 0.0003461
   92235.03c 0.0003461000
   92238.03c 0.047721
   92238.03c 0.0477210000
sdef pos = 0.0 0.0 0.0 erg=1.0
sdef pos = 0.0 0.0 0.0 erg=1.0

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MCNP input

Critical plutonium flattop
1 1 0.04015889 -1    imp:n=1 tmp=2.585E-08
2 2 0.048069744 1 -2 imp:n=1 tmp=2.585E-08
3 0 2 imp:n=0

1 so 4.5332
2 so 24.142

m1 94239.03c 0.0366970000 
   94240.03c 0.0018700000 
   94241.03c 0.0001163900
   31000.03c 0.0014755000
m2 92234.03c 0.0000026438 
   92235.03c 0.0003461000 
   92238.03c 0.0477210000
sdef pos = 0.0 0.0 0.0 erg=1.0
cut:n 40
nps 500000
prdmp 2j 1
f4:n 1
fm4 1.0 -2
f14:n 1
t      8.00000E-02  1.60000E-01  2.40000E-01  3.20000E-01
       4.00000E-01  4.80000E-01  5.60000E-01  6.40000E-01
       7.20000E-01  8.00000E-01  8.80000E-01  9.60000E-01
       1.04000E+00  1.12000E+00  1.20000E+00  1.28000E+00
       1.36000E+00  1.44000E+00  1.52000E+00  1.60000E+00
       1.68000E+00  1.76000E+00  1.84000E+00  1.92000E+00
       2.00000E+00  2.08000E+00  2.16000E+00  2.24000E+00
       2.32000E+00  2.40000E+00  2.48000E+00  2.56000E+00
       2.64000E+00  2.72000E+00  2.80000E+00  2.88000E+00
       2.96000E+00  3.04000E+00  3.12000E+00  3.20000E+00
       3.28000E+00  3.36000E+00  3.44000E+00  3.52000E+00
       3.60000E+00  3.68000E+00  3.76000E+00  3.84000E+00
       3.92000E+00  4.00000E+00  4.08000E+00  4.16000E+00
       4.24000E+00  4.32000E+00  4.40000E+00  4.48000E+00
       4.56000E+00  4.64000E+00  4.72000E+00  4.80000E+00
       4.88000E+00  4.96000E+00  5.04000E+00  5.12000E+00
       5.20000E+00  5.28000E+00  5.36000E+00  5.44000E+00
       5.52000E+00  5.60000E+00  5.68000E+00  5.76000E+00
       5.84000E+00  5.92000E+00  6.00000E+00  6.08000E+00
       6.16000E+00  6.24000E+00  6.32000E+00  6.40000E+00
       6.48000E+00  6.56000E+00  6.64000E+00  6.72000E+00
       6.80000E+00  6.88000E+00  6.96000E+00  7.04000E+00
       7.12000E+00  7.20000E+00  7.28000E+00  7.36000E+00
       7.44000E+00  7.52000E+00  7.60000E+00  7.68000E+00
       7.76000E+00  7.84000E+00  7.92000E+00  8.00000E+00
       8.08000E+00  8.16000E+00  8.24000E+00  8.32000E+00
       8.40000E+00  8.48000E+00  8.56000E+00  8.64000E+00
       8.72000E+00  8.80000E+00  8.88000E+00  8.96000E+00
       9.04000E+00  9.12000E+00  9.20000E+00  9.28000E+00
       9.36000E+00  9.44000E+00  9.52000E+00  9.60000E+00
       9.68000E+00  9.76000E+00  9.84000E+00  9.92000E+00
       1.00000E+01  1.00800E+01  1.01600E+01  1.02400E+01
       1.03200E+01  1.04000E+01  1.04800E+01  1.05600E+01
       1.06400E+01  1.07200E+01  1.08000E+01  1.08800E+01
       1.09600E+01  1.10400E+01  1.11200E+01  1.12000E+01
       1.12800E+01  1.13600E+01  1.14400E+01  1.15200E+01
       1.16000E+01  1.16800E+01  1.17600E+01  1.18400E+01
       1.19200E+01  1.20000E+01  1.20800E+01  1.21600E+01
       1.22400E+01  1.23200E+01  1.24000E+01  1.24800E+01
       1.25600E+01  1.26400E+01  1.27200E+01  1.28000E+01
       1.28800E+01  1.29600E+01  1.30400E+01  1.31200E+01
       1.32000E+01  1.32800E+01  1.33600E+01  1.34400E+01
       1.35200E+01  1.36000E+01  1.36800E+01  1.37600E+01
       1.38400E+01  1.39200E+01  1.40000E+01  1.40800E+01
       1.41600E+01  1.42400E+01  1.43200E+01  1.44000E+01
       1.44800E+01  1.45600E+01  1.46400E+01  1.47200E+01
       1.48000E+01  1.48800E+01  1.49600E+01  1.50400E+01
       1.51200E+01  1.52000E+01  1.52800E+01  1.53600E+01
       1.54400E+01  1.55200E+01  1.56000E+01  1.56800E+01
       1.57600E+01  1.58400E+01  1.59200E+01  1.60000E+01
       1.60800E+01  1.61600E+01  1.62400E+01  1.63200E+01
       1.64000E+01  1.64800E+01  1.65600E+01  1.66400E+01
       1.67200E+01  1.68000E+01  1.68800E+01  1.69600E+01
       1.70400E+01  1.71200E+01  1.72000E+01  1.72800E+01
       1.73600E+01  1.74400E+01  1.75200E+01  1.76000E+01
       1.76800E+01  1.77600E+01  1.78400E+01  1.79200E+01
       1.80000E+01  1.80800E+01  1.81600E+01  1.82400E+01
       1.83200E+01  1.84000E+01  1.84800E+01  1.85600E+01
       1.86400E+01  1.87200E+01  1.88000E+01  1.88800E+01
       1.89600E+01  1.90400E+01  1.91200E+01  1.92000E+01
       1.92800E+01  1.93600E+01  1.94400E+01  1.95200E+01
       1.96000E+01  1.96800E+01  1.97600E+01  1.98400E+01
       1.99200E+01  2.00000E+01  2.00800E+01  2.01600E+01
       2.02400E+01  2.03200E+01  2.04000E+01  2.04800E+01
       2.05600E+01  2.06400E+01  2.07200E+01  2.08000E+01
       2.08800E+01  2.09600E+01  2.10400E+01  2.11200E+01
       2.12000E+01  2.12800E+01  2.13600E+01  2.14400E+01
       2.15200E+01  2.16000E+01  2.16800E+01  2.17600E+01
       2.18400E+01  2.19200E+01  2.20000E+01  2.20800E+01
       2.21600E+01  2.22400E+01  2.23200E+01  2.24000E+01
       2.24800E+01  2.25600E+01  2.26400E+01  2.27200E+01
       2.28000E+01  2.28800E+01  2.29600E+01  2.30400E+01
       2.31200E+01  2.32000E+01  2.32800E+01  2.33600E+01
       2.34400E+01  2.35200E+01  2.36000E+01  2.36800E+01
       2.37600E+01  2.38400E+01  2.39200E+01  2.40000E+01
       2.40800E+01  2.41600E+01  2.42400E+01  2.43200E+01
       2.44000E+01  2.44800E+01  2.45600E+01  2.46400E+01
       2.47200E+01  2.48000E+01  2.48800E+01  2.49600E+01
       2.50400E+01  2.51200E+01  2.52000E+01  2.52800E+01
       2.53600E+01  2.54400E+01  2.55200E+01  2.56000E+01
       2.56800E+01  2.57600E+01  2.58400E+01  2.59200E+01
       2.60000E+01  2.60800E+01  2.61600E+01  2.62400E+01
       2.63200E+01  2.64000E+01  2.64800E+01  2.65600E+01
       2.66400E+01  2.67200E+01  2.68000E+01  2.68800E+01
       2.69600E+01  2.70400E+01  2.71200E+01  2.72000E+01
       2.72800E+01  2.73600E+01  2.74400E+01  2.75200E+01
       2.76000E+01  2.76800E+01  2.77600E+01  2.78400E+01
       2.79200E+01  2.80000E+01  2.80800E+01  2.81600E+01
       2.82400E+01  2.83200E+01  2.84000E+01  2.84800E+01
       2.85600E+01  2.86400E+01  2.87200E+01  2.88000E+01
       2.88800E+01  2.89600E+01  2.90400E+01  2.91200E+01
       2.92000E+01  2.92800E+01  2.93600E+01  2.94400E+01
       2.95200E+01  2.96000E+01  2.96800E+01  2.97600E+01
       2.98400E+01  2.99200E+01  3.00000E+01  3.00800E+01
       3.01600E+01  3.02400E+01  3.03200E+01  3.04000E+01
       3.04800E+01  3.05600E+01  3.06400E+01  3.07200E+01
       3.08000E+01  3.08800E+01  3.09600E+01  3.10400E+01
       3.11200E+01  3.12000E+01  3.12800E+01  3.13600E+01
       3.14400E+01  3.15200E+01  3.16000E+01  3.16800E+01
       3.17600E+01  3.18400E+01  3.19200E+01  3.20000E+01
       3.20800E+01  3.21600E+01  3.22400E+01  3.23200E+01
       3.24000E+01  3.24800E+01  3.25600E+01  3.26400E+01
       3.27200E+01  3.28000E+01  3.28800E+01  3.29600E+01
       3.30400E+01  3.31200E+01  3.32000E+01  3.32800E+01
       3.33600E+01  3.34400E+01  3.35200E+01  3.36000E+01
       3.36800E+01  3.37600E+01  3.38400E+01  3.39200E+01
       3.40000E+01  3.40800E+01  3.41600E+01  3.42400E+01
       3.43200E+01  3.44000E+01  3.44800E+01  3.45600E+01
       3.46400E+01  3.47200E+01  3.48000E+01  3.48800E+01
       3.49600E+01  3.50400E+01  3.51200E+01  3.52000E+01
       3.52800E+01  3.53600E+01  3.54400E+01  3.55200E+01
       3.56000E+01  3.56800E+01  3.57600E+01  3.58400E+01
       3.59200E+01  3.60000E+01  3.60800E+01  3.61600E+01
       3.62400E+01  3.63200E+01  3.64000E+01  3.64800E+01
       3.65600E+01  3.66400E+01  3.67200E+01  3.68000E+01
       3.68800E+01  3.69600E+01  3.70400E+01  3.71200E+01
       3.72000E+01  3.72800E+01  3.73600E+01  3.74400E+01
       3.75200E+01  3.76000E+01  3.76800E+01  3.77600E+01
       3.78400E+01  3.79200E+01  3.80000E+01  3.80800E+01
       3.81600E+01  3.82400E+01  3.83200E+01  3.84000E+01
       3.84800E+01  3.85600E+01  3.86400E+01  3.87200E+01
       3.88000E+01  3.88800E+01  3.89600E+01  3.90400E+01
       3.91200E+01  3.92000E+01  3.92800E+01  3.93600E+01
       3.94400E+01  3.95200E+01  3.96000E+01  3.96800E+01
       3.97600E+01  3.98400E+01  3.99200E+01  4.00000E+01