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set pop <npg> <ngen> <nskip> [ <k0> <btch> ]

set title "Godiva solid bare HEU sphere. CSB Data used. 05/12/93." cell 1 0 m1 -1 cell 2 0 outside 1 surf 1 sph 0.0 0.0 0.0 8.7407 mat m1 4.7984E-02 92235.03c 4.4994E-02 92238.03c 2.4984E-03 92234.03c 4.9184E-04 set pop 200000 500 20 set acelib "sss_endfb7u.xsdata" set ures 1


Input options

Input options are used to set various calculation parameters that are not included in the main input cars. Each option is identified by key word "set". Optional values are enclosed within square brackets.

set delnu

set delnu <dnu>

Sets delayed neutron emission on or off. Input values:

<dnu>  : option to switch delayed neutron emission off (0/no) or on (1/yes)