Energy-dependent transport correction factor

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The energy-dependent transport correction factor is read using the set trc option. The data file contains energy-dependent correction factors:

f(E) = \frac{\Sigma_\mathrm{tr}(E)}{\Sigma_\mathrm{tot}(E)}

at one or multiple temperatures. Histogram interpolation is used between energy points and linear interpolation between temperatures. Constant extrapolation is used below the lowest temperature and above the highest temperature. The file formats is:

NE E1 E1 ... ENE+1
NT T1 T1 ... TNT
F1,1   F2,1  ...  FNE,1
F1,2   F2,2  ...  FNE,2
F1,NT  F2,NT ...  FNE,NT


NE  : is the number of energy groups
E1 ... ENE+1  : are the group boundaries in MeV (in ascending order)
NT  : is the number of temperatures
T1 ... TNT  : are the temperatures in kelvin (in ascending order)
F1,1 ... FNE,NT  : are the correction factors corresponding to each energy group and temperature


  • If the number of temperatures is set to zero, no values are read and the same distribution is applied at every temperature.