Energy-dependent transport correction factor

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The energy-dependent transport correction factor is read using the set trc option. The data file contains energy-dependent correction factors:

f(E) = \frac{\Sigma_\mathrm{tr}(E)}{\Sigma_\mathrm{tot}(E)}

at one or multiple temperatures. Histogram interpolation is used between energy points and linear interpolation between temperatures. The file formats is:

NE E1 E1 ... ENE+1
NT T1 T1 ... TNT
F1,1   F2,1  ...  FNE,1
F1,2   F2,2  ...  FNE,2
F1,NT  F2,NT ...  FNE,NT


NE  : is the number of energy groups
E1 ... ENE+1  : are the group boundaries
NT  : is the number of temperatures
T1 ... TNT  : are the temperatures
F1,1 ... FNE,NT  : are the correction factors corresponding to each energy group and temperature


  • If the number of temperatures is set to zero, no values are read and the same distribution is applied at every temperature.