Coupled multi-physics calculations

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External coupling


Power relaxation

Serpent relaxes the power distribution calculated in the iterations using the stochastic approximation based method, where the power distribution at iteration n is calculated by

P_{\mathrm{rel}}^{n} = P_{\mathrm{rel}}^{n-1} - \frac{s_{n}}{\sum_{i = 1}^{n} s_{n}} d \left(P_{\mathrm{rel}}^{n-1} - P^{n}\right),

where P^{n} is the unrelaxed power distribution tallied on iteration n, P_{\mathrm{rel}}^{n-1} is the relaxed power distribution after the previous iteration, s_{i} is the active neutron population simulated on iteration i and d is an underrelaxation factor that can be defined by the set relfactor option.